Free wood! 2201 Preston


Hey makers!

The treehouse at 2201 Preston is giving away a bunch of hardwood flooring and other things. They are currently stacking it all up behind the store.

Adnan E. Chahbandar


Yikes! Is there enough for us to use it in any of the Expansion areas?


Very unlikely - these were mostly samples already attached to backer boards for display.

I live nearby the closing store, so drove over and partially filled the bed of my small pick-up with mostly the mounted 1’x3’ samples x2 boards to deliver to DMS.

They were discarding these and I expect several creative people here will find a use better than adding to the landfill.

Any tips on where I can unload?


Delivered to DMS. Accepted by @Talkers on behalf of Team Logistics. I unloaded a few hundred pounds on to the empty pallet at the receiving dock (next to automotive).


I’ve put them under the second table in the workshop. Please take what you want and thank you tothose who picked them up!


Flooring themed 10x10?