Free welding course at DCCC for veterans


Just in case someone doesn’t know, there is no 'Dallas County Community College" nor DCCC… These courses are at Eastfield (Mesquite) and/or Mountan View (Duncanville) Colleges in the DCCCD.

Still a good find, though summer and fall classes will be weird with the closed campuses for things like this which MUST meet in person…

Maybe they’re figuring between the toxic fumes and the welding helmets, those poor little corona virii don’t stand a chance…


They are trying to get accredited into one college like Collin College.The seven separate college district model made it impossible for students to graduate if they did not earn enough credits from the college their program was at. But yes they are only on the soon to be Eastfield and Mountainview campuses.

Well, you have the propaganda right, so I’m pleased that their media machine is alive and well. As of today, however, and historically, as well as if/when “the dream” comes to fruition, there is, and will be, no “Dallas County Community College” nor any “DCCC”; hence my bringing it up. If they’d gotten the new machine properly named, I would have left well enough alone, or if they’d properly named the campuses, or any of a number of other less confusing things… But alas; I felt compelled because they just got it all wrong, as it is, and as it might be if the latest revamp goes through.

I’ve looked into this, and apparently is not actually free.
Your GI Bill pays for it so if you didn’t sign up for a GI Bill or you have gone past your GI bills expiration (8 years from your exit date) you don’t qualify.

At least that’s what I was told.