Free to Make - anyone read it?

Free to Make: How the Maker Movement is Changing Our Schools, Our Jobs, and Our Minds

I got a bit crazy on the library checkout and threw a bunch of maker books in. Today it’s this guy. I’m on chapter one. Easy read. Fun read. Worthy of a pickup and thumbing.

Fun fact. Dale Dougherty agreed to come talk at dms if we covered his travel costs. Someday we will make it happen.


Don’t know if you’re aware, but he visited DMS a LONG time ago.


Dale is a great guy and has been to DMS back on Ladybird. Recently got to speak with him on a Make livestream about Covid-19 concerns for re-opening makerspaces. He is smart enough to guide the discussion but let the makers share their unique challenges for each space.

EDIT: Dale is live now with makers in the UK


I could help with this I have years of points stacked up from traveling please don’t let me forget and I will look into this but I think we need to wait till after Covid slows down.