Free stuff-sheets cotton and flannel, pillows

I have a bunch of sheets and pillows that need a new home. I’ve been using them for projects (masks, dress mock-ups, stuffed animals, dog beds, etc) but I just have too much… And I have to bring home a bunch of stuff from my classroom (no more big circle of pillows in the corner. :confused:)

Anyone interested in sheets or pillows?
I can be at the space on Saturday or Monday.

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I would recommend donating them to the animal shelter if you don’t find any takers. I know you’re a big advocate for your local shelter @Sarah_Hustwit so if your shelter doesn’t need it I’m sure you can find another animal shelter that does :slight_smile: :dog:


Thanks for the suggestion! :heart:

They were donations from my animal shelter that we are unable to use. I normally take extra sheets to the SPCA, but they recently had a drive and are up to their eyeballs themselves.

I usually make dog beds out of the pillows and take them up to the shelter, but I’m about to start back to school and I just don’t have the time for those projects. If anybody else wants to make dog beds out of them, I can facilitate them getting to a shelter afterwards.

Thanks! :blush:


I would also be happy to take 4 of the pillows…

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Dallas Animal Services out on Westmoreland might be able to use them!