Free Router Table Practice

Hey aspiring woodchucks,
How would you like to do a good deed for the woodshop and refine your router table skills all at the same time? @Julie-Harris and @jeffhess made a new batch of table saw push bunnies Saturday night. Now they need the last step of having the edges rounded over so no one gets a splinter when using them. Do 1, 10, or all 20 pieces.

You will learn how to setup a round over bit and the proper way to process them. If you make any mistakes, who cares:) They will just be sawed up on the table saw anyway.

Let us know, or just show up tonight and we will get you started. This is the best way to learn, with someone else’s materials. No way to make a mistake, just a great way to learn a new skill.

The only requirement is that you have already attended woodshop basics.


I’m available Wednesday 11/30 and/or Thursday 12/01.

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First rabbit trimmer hard at work. Lots of bit adjusting. Great practice.

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Just look at that shaggy rabbit.

Before and after an expert round over trim.


Like all great members, the rabbit trimmer put everything back in its place.


Final picture of our first rabbit trimmer with all her rabbits ready for use by woodshop users.