I have some more stuff that we are getting ready to throw out or give away. Today’s items up for grab are rolling cases used in video production. And heave duty rolling server racks. One with lids(sides) one without lids (sides). We will be throwing these things away if no one wants them. Many different sizes.
The server racks would be nice for heavy duty equipment as it’s rated for a thousand pounds.
I should be around tomorrow if anybody’s interested.
That is yyou.B-Rad!



Also some cut up pelicans, great for project containers.

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I’ll definitely like to get 4 for the black ones.

When and where?

I could probably use 1 or 2 rolling cases for taking stained glass to markets.

I’d love one of the rolling ones.

I could use one of the server racks and a pelican case. I’ll be at the DMS tomorrow, not sure how to find you?

I’d love something from that. Not sure what but I’m willing to browse!

I think there is 4 pelicans. ~10 rollers. 2 server racks. The server racks are in the van first and 2 rollers. . I’ll bring them (server racks ) in tomorrow, then run to the shop and grab the pelicans and rollers.

If it’s cool maybe I’ll bring them all over. Leave them for a week so people can pick. Then clean up the mess of what’s left. I just ask that you remove any official logos.
Thanks Brad


Oh I want. Just bring everything in, there won’t be much left haha

Any idea when? I’m tempted to grab a couple of the rollers.

Saturday noon.


If you could please, since I spoke for four of the black ones right after you posted, put four of them in the metal shop for me because I won’t be able to get there until sometime after 3 pm.

Thank you

I don’t think there is that many pelican’s.

These are the ones I was talking about…

I will be in for one! Thank you!!!


Let me know when You are here. Im in the 3D print area

I’m heading to DMS now with Serverracks and 2 large rollers. Then I wi go get some more. I drive A :cherries: RedWorkVan lol

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I am heading back with the second load of rollers and a couple pellets


These are all in the metal area by bat door. I have a few more I will bring by Monday. If anything is left by next Saturday I would lll be trashing them as I don’t want to leave stuff in the way.

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You should really look at the one that I have open in the picture. I think they would work great.@excalbain

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