Free:Old 19" CRT TV (Gone)

Good color, picture quality. It would be good for C64s and old game systems. Coax input only, working remote… No cosmetic damage. I will be kicking it to the curb (literally) around Tuesday.Since I am in a wheelchair in Garland It can only be picked up as delivery is not possible. I am getting a new TV using a Roku to replace it.

I can’t see why anyone would want these anymore except as a prop for a movie set or something.

Flyback transformer ckt to power tesla coil or marx generator.


I should have mentioned the DVT convertor box that also comes with it Decent sound unlike the cheap 24" TV I bought to replace it. Rabbit ears also included. it does sound kind of like a movie prop, doesn’t It?

First thing I did with the new TV is move my computer speaker over until I get replacements in. Much better.

If I could have added the Roku to it I would have kept the old CRT one.

Depending on the tube it has inside and if it is or isn’t a bonded yoke/tube, it could be used as a donor to replace a bad tube in an arcade monitor.

Someone has hauled it off my hands.