Free NWS Storm Spotter Training

During violent weather conditions, the news media occasionally references reports from Storm Spotters. Did you ever wonder who these spotters are and how they are trained? They are mostly volunteer amateur radio operators who are coordinating with emergency management offices of local cities and the NWS to report high winds, hail, tornadoes,… They must occasionally attend in person or remote training session offered by the NWS. The great news is that these sessions are free and are open to the public. What’s more, they are very interesting with coverage of the structure of storms, how they develop, how to recognize danger signs and what radar can and cannot see. I’ve attended a number of sessions over the last 30 years and am amazed at how things have improved as radar and other technology has evolved. The following link has a schedule for both in person and remote classes.

Brady Pamplin W5LH

NWS Fort Worth SKYWARN Program


Thanks for posting. Did this with my 8yo son and he still talks about it :grin:

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