Free Metal stock

We are throwing out some metal that may be reused some were in a project.
There is quite a bit of the same sizes white and blue aluminum with 4 steal bolts in them.
Rack rails as well with holes for rack nuts.

We also have wire tray x 5-6 PCs at ~18’ each.
Please let me know if MS wants this or should I just take it to recycling?


If MS has no use for them, I would love to get my hands on the aluminum for my home casting projects.

They are all powder coated , fyi

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I’ve posted internally to see if DMS Infra could use any more cable trays/ladders.

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We have plenty of ladder. Not exactly the same though.

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Methylene Chloride costs sure went through the roof… I withdraw the request. Need to find a new high strength “paint stripper”. Thank you for the heads up!

How wide are the wire trays?

10" ID for about 5pcs and 4.5"ID for ~3pcs

I’d really like some of the wire trays do my shop and some of the other stock for a project. If that’s ok how and where can I get it?

Can I haul any of the rest and sell it for DMS to benefit?