Free Magnavox TV and/or Hammond Organ

Hi everyone!

My dad is looking to get rid of two items and specifically asked me if anyone at DMS would want them, potentially for parts. There is an old Maganavox TV that works and an old Hammond Organ that does not work. It hasn’t worked for as long as my parents have had it – no one could figure out what was wrong with it and they gave up trying to fix it.

These items are both in Coppell. The TV could most likely come to you, but if you’d like the organ you’ll need to come pick it up, probably with a few other people to help lift the thing.

I don’t have any more info on these right now, but ask if you have any questions! Also please just let me know what we can do with this organ, they bought it by mistake and now they’ve had it for 20 years.

Pictures attached!

If I can get my hands on a reliable truck then count me in for the Hammond Organ


If you can’t find a truck we can probably make it work, just still need a few people to help hoist the thing up into my dad’s truck. :joy: You don’t know how full of joy my heart would be for someone to have this organ!


@denzuko did you get it? If not, I might know a couple of others interested.

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