Free M$ 3D Printing tools

Recently I needed to repair .stl files created by Sketch-up 2016, which is my current 3D Modeling tool, it does not require a hardware video accelerator that later versions now require. Given my current circumstances new computers and upgrades will be few and far between. I knew M$ (my abbreviation for Microsoft) Had some interesting new tools that were part of Win 10, such as 3D Paint but I had no idea what they were. Then I found D Builder which will repair problem .stl files. The best part it is free for Win 10 users! Normally I do not associate free and M$ in the same sentence. There seems to be extensive tutorials on the web for these apps. Something to do while I’m stuck at home, as I figure things out I’ll post them on this forum. I will be asking for these apps to be installed on the design computers.

Needless to say I am anxious fpr the space to open again,so I can get out and about. I miss 3D printing a lot.I came up with several items that will make traveling in my powered chair much better, Now if I can refrain from breaking them.

Yep, Whenever I have .stl files that fail on print I always open the file in 3D Builder and almost every time 3D Builder finds a problem. After using 3D Builder to fix it and re-saving, it prints fine… It really is a great free tool.

I would love to find other 3D CAD drawing programs. I am definitely in the starving artist category. No budget to speak of. My desktop recently litterely smoked.But I’m getting by.