Free (Inop) Coats Wheel Balancer

I don’t think the 'Space will use this even if the fix is easy, but one of you other gearheads might…

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I really wish we had one at the space along with a mounting machine.


I really wish I had a ten thousand square foot climate controlled garage at home that was free but that is not going to happen either.

Tire mounting and balancing - how many times per year per car does the average person need that done?

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When you’re fighting with the neighborhood street screw distributors building contractors to keep SOME air in your tires and SOME screws out, it seems like 366, or so, on average… Plus, the added bonus of not having to deal with the local Tire Jockey if I could just do them myself. Hours. Wasted. Watching. Them. Do. Their. Job. (in hopes I can scare them into doing it PROPERLY). I’d rather do it myself. It was SO NICE when I had access to this equipment. I miss that.

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The RISK of INJURY plus the noise and the footprint is not worth it…and if the crybabies think that there is a problem with leaving oil behind now, what what or who is going to handle dozens of junk tires that cannot be thrown in the dumpster (legally)?


You are not wrong.
I wish you were.
But you are not.

With the amount of shenanigans we see at DMS, can you imagine someone trying to unmount and mount a lawn mower tire?

It would be nice, but maybe not worth the time and effort to keep it operational.

With that said, I’d love to have one at DMS. I have a new set of tire sensors for the jeep that I’d like to install.


I can tell you mounting a 41.5” diameter tire sucks, by hand. However getting them to seat is pretty easy, not the explosive way though.


The “not so obvious risks” most drivers for having a tire mounting machine far outweigh any benefit for the handful of folks that actually know how to and would actually use it correctly.

I’ve mounted car and semi truck tires by hand - manual bead breaking is no fun. I had more energy back then…
I’ve also used today’s state of the art gear.
But by far the best wheel balance was the Hunter balancer that balanced the wheel on vehicle (it was vintage in the 80’s). It rotated the entire rolling assembly not just the wheel and tire.

The quick release air tanks used to seat a tire are tons of fun!

Even more fun can be had by shoving a couple shop towels in the tube as a sabot and a water bottle in the end. Of course I have never done such a thing, that would be an unsafe use of a tool. :wink:

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