Free FR Pants————

Stop the presses…I have 3 pairs of Aramark FR denim pants for the LOW LOW price of FREE… ahhh yes you say you cant afford FREE. I assure you, you can. What you do with them is your business. Cut them up & make bandannas, aprons, part of your new dragon slayer uniform or just wear them as intended pants.

What’s the catch? There is none. I’d rather see someone else make use of them, They are just gathering dust in my closet. They are not comfortable to me, I wear Wranger FR pants now as they fit better.

size? (blahblahblahblah)

I don’t know what FR pants are,
But will these be on offer on the freebie shelf?

Flame Resistant
More about what that actually means:

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Ahhh! So these shouldn’t be cut up for art projects etc. Really they should go to someone who will get good use out of them :)) Someone in Woodshop, welding, mechanic metal shop etc.

If they are 40/32 or 42/32 I’ll take them and enjoy their use by the light of fireworks on warm summer evening. :smile:

38/30, 1 size larger than I should wear. I wear them for work, not these though. It’s for Arc Flash protection in electrical work. It keeps me from having to put coveralls on every time I open a panel.

What anyone else does with them doesn’t matter to me.