[Free] Cedar Wood


In preparation to move I’m offering some free cedar lumber to fellow makers. Just have to pick it up in Carrollton. There are a couple 2x4s 2x2 and a 2x6… leftovers from various outdoor projects. All came from Cedar Supply and have been in my garage for a year so are nice and dry.

Separately I also have several woodworking power tools for sale in my attempts to downsize. All are posted on craigslist “Power Tool Sale”


you are in carrollton, right? also these can probably be cut into spindles.


I’d be glad to get some cedar off of your hands


Cool… PM me and I’ll send you the specifics.


I’ll take some as well, what part of Carrollton?


Free cedar is still free. Gave info to a few people but so far no one has come by to pick it up or setup a time to do so. First one here wins! PM for details.


The wood is claimed. Thanks all.


That’s the big pieces.

And that’s where I stashed them. Some smaller pieces on top and on the end of the rack by Metal Shop.