Formlabs vs Elegoo Saturn

instead of spending a fortune to fix Formlabs, why not buy 3 or 4 Elegoo Saturn?
They are coming out later this year, I will be buying one for myself. Very excited and the price is very reasonable.


Um, at that price we can buy 10! You first and let us know how it goes.

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I have and Elegoo Mars and it works great. If the Saturn is as good as the Mars the only downside would be some of the Resins that the Form Labs can use that the Elegoo can not use.


I have generative designs I want to try out, but the support material with traditional printers is just way too much work. I can’t even pre-order a saturn, I may just buy myself a mars in the interim. Is the mars worth it?

For less then $250 it is a great printer. Very few failed prints and really high quality.

Note:With resin printers the easiest way to remove the supports is before the final cure, then remove the little nubs with an exacto knife after the final cure.


FYI, that was the Preorder price and was $500 once shipping was added on, official pricing hasn’t been announced yet.

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I would like to see nothing more than to see several resin printers in 3D Fab!

We would have to have members pouring resin and draining it when not in use, the LCD based printers are pretty awesome now. Even the chitubox software is pretty good. It would just require more member training which was already involved with the form 2.

I have the Anycubic Photon and love it. High rate of successful prints and fairly easy to clean up.

My only issue is the typical issues. Folks not cleaning up after themselves, over filling the tray, getting resin on the screen, etc .

Other than that, i’d love to see some of the small resin printers at the space