Forgotten charger (found)


If anyone is reading this, and is in the laser area, I accidentally left the charger to the computer I use for work there’s today during a laser class.
It is attached to the power strip on the floor between the first 2 large ones ( first you encounter if you are coming in the back door, with the first one beside the zing), and part of it is sitting on top of ? A computer or whatever is there, with a phone charger attached.
If anyone is willing, would you consider either putting it in Adam Oas’s box ( in the break room, back row, towards the middle on the top row. Black box saying his name), or putting it somewhere safe until tomorrow evening?
Thank you for even reading this post


@team_PR … is anybody at the space tonight for tour night?


I’ll go check

Edit: this one?


Yay!!! It is!!! Can I adopt you???


I am adoptable.

I couldn’t see Adam’s box anywhere, so I stuck it in mine.



Nearly had a heart attack thinking it was mine. Good thing I brought my laptop with me this morning to the office otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to check.


Thank you again!!! I put a couple of items in your box, just buried a little because of space