For Type 2 fans

That price though


Good share!

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$17k for a full steel body made in the USA(hard to believe it is actually a product stamped in the USA though) is not bad for ANY car body (insert your choice of restoration vehicle model here and $17k the tip of a very big iceberg)
These Mustang bodies are made in Taiwan, have poor fit and finish and start at $18k


For sure. Long nights, and deep pockets needed.


If the pockets are deep enough then you can do what many / folks do today - just hire someone to build it or buy it (built) for you and never lift a finger/don’t break a nail.

These are usually the folks that can tell you what their car can do based on the advertisement but they probably couldn’t put washer fluid in it or air in a tyre.

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LoL. So true.
Not as much fun though, for me.

Looks like this is a bargain