For those who remember the businesses nearby the old Space

Those of you who used to head east on Walnut Hill from I-35 might remember some of the businesses that looked kinda shady or not so above-board on your way to our old location. Well, turns out the Dallas PD Vice Unit recently caught up with one of them: :laughing:

Yay for reducing the sketch factor!

That’s not the only thing down there. We were leaving Dallas powersports back in January. My wife was happy to actually see real hookers. Lmao. “OMG real hookers” I believe was her words. DPD had one stopped on our way down Shady Trail.

I used to see underage girls down on Walnut Hill, with pimps in vans covering them thru lots of U-turns. Haven’t seen it in a while. I think the Human Trafficking force broke them up, thankfully.

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Thanks to Trump. He got the site Backpages .com shut down his first month in office!


I find these articles hilarious. The Police will literally shut down one Handy Massage joint while leaving the next ones next door still open.

Here is a google street view of the upstanding places just across the street. I wonder what kind of “massage” they offer?

What was the Asian restaurant we used to go to that had a parlor next door? If you went out the most convenient exit from the parking lot the ladies would try to chat you up.

Tofu house I think.

I drop by at least twice to take a tour while we were on ladybird an the atmosphere and the air of the parking lot discourage me both times. Now I’m not easy to be discouraged since I live over in Oak Cliff in the area that can’t decide whether it’s part of the hood or part of the Barrio. So I’m used to interesting areas
but that’s parking lot just turn me off

The parking at Ladybird did suck. Along with thieves stealing peoples catalytic converters off of cars while in our parking lot. BUT a lot of great friends were made at that location. Adn a lot of our committees started there.


I used to work for a large household name corporation…one day someone came through in broad freaking daylight right in the middle of the workday and stole upwards of 10 catalytic converters out of the parking lot. It was a new parking lot in front of a three story building, so no trees or cover of any kind. It can happen anywhere. However, the cameras had not been turned on yet…this turned into a bit of an awkward situation for the security team.

Also, these parlors are way more prevalent than people probably realize. Not just in bad parts of town either.

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Yeah, my office was at the intersection of Northwest Highway and Shady Trail. In that area it was easy to tell the shady businesses, they always had blacked out windows with only a light up open sign. Don’t know how to warn you of the ones in nicer areas.

Fo sho. They busted a trap house and hooker den in a 400k housing neighborhood. People like their vices convenient


I really wish I had gotten past the parking lot at that time. I know I would have fell in love with EMS back then. But I

Redbird Mall used to have a bad rep for people losing catalytic converters there about the best story was whining a Dallas policeman told me about this was probably 20 years ago. A person came out of the mall and their car wouldn’t start and they discovered that the transmission was missing!. Two or three days later the police was called out to a another van of the same year and model that was also missing the transmission. It seems that that model of Van had two different Transmissions the first time they stole the wrong transmission… but can you imagine discovering your transmission is

My GF’s catalytic converter was sawed-off in the middle of the night in Denton; I heard the thefts were worse around Dallas.

Her Toyota used Rhodium based CCs, because they give better performance. Rhodium had risen to >$8000/oz in 2009, and thefts were rampant. A new Toyota CC was ~$1800, so she got a Platinum after market one.

Rhodium dropped to $525/oz by 2015, and CC thefts fell off. But beware Toyota owners, Rhodium spot price is back over $3300/oz!

Be glad you don’t have a Honda Element. Allen Wan had his cut off, I remember him explaining that in the process, he found out it was the easiest car to steal it from. It is because the car has higher ground clearance (easy to sneak under) and full access to sawing the CAT off. Here is a picture so you can see it.

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At the VA last year there was 10 stolen in broad daylight on one side of the building. Then the following week I think they said there was 7 taken on the other side. He wasn’t questioned because he looked like he belonged. He walked around with a 5 gallon bucket & a cordless sawzaw. Every now and then a car drove by and picked them up.

I remember several years ago at Classic Dodge in Denton there was a rash then. The cut them off in the middle of the night on brand new vehicles.

Yup, every CA stolen at my office that day was from Elements.