For Sale: ME0708 Motor Kit (Large 8-15hp brushed 24-48v dc motor, controller, wiring, throttle)

Last year when initially building the SpaceKart I ended up accidently ordering two drivetrains, having not found an application yet for the extra drivetrain it’s time to sell the extra. This has been sitting around unopened in a box for ~6 months, The motor is identical to what was used on the spacekart, slightly older model 300amp controller.

All you need to add is a frame, some batteries (for spacekart we spend 275 on 4 10s lipo batteries), and you now have a very quick electric vehicle.

Asking $600 (or best offer, I paid $994), PM me with an offer

Included new in box, never opened (with MSRP price)
Motor 1 x Motenergy ME0708 PMDC Motor, 24-48V, 8 hp cont, 15 hp pk $449.00
Controller 1 x Alltrax AXE4834 24-48V 300A $325.00
Fuse Block 1 x Fuse and Fuse Holder for Motor Drive Kit $30.00
Throttle 1 x Magura Twist Grip Throttle w/ Matching Grips $55.00
Wire Kit 1 x 6 AWG Wire Kit for Brushed Motor Drive Kit $50.00
Contactor 1 x Albright 36-48V SW180 (200A cont.) $85.00

Electric hovercraft time!

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We can always cannibalize the kart and reuse its drivetrain, plus selling this will help pay for the money I’m throwing at the hovercraft project, just ordered a stage 1 performance kit for the predator engine…

Am I going to need to upgrade my insurance for AD&D (if you’re thinking saving throws with a d10 you need to re-google the term)?

Hi Brandon,
Do you still have the Motor Kit for sale ?

Would you ship ?


Yes it is available, PM sent

Finally got around to posting this on ebay:

I know this is super old but do you somehow still have this kit available?

I won the ebay auction and turned it into powerwheels race car.


Awesome, thanks for the reply