For Sale - House in Plano with Amateur Radio Tower

I am aware of a house in Plano (near Coit and Spring Creek) that will be for sale in the near future, it already has a 40 foot antenna tower and beam antenna. The property is part of a Home Owners Association (HOA) and the antenna is already included in the HOA deed restrictions. The owner says the tower is 60 feet tall, looks more like 40 feet to me. There are at least 4 antennas on the tower. Several years ago the owner won a court battle with the HOA. Let me know if any Hams would be interested in this property.

The radio gear is gone, but the coax lines go through the garage, through lightning arrestors, and then through the attic to the spare bedroom where the Ham Shack used to be. The owner will be donating a garage full of other antennas and equipment to DMS.


Used to drive past it regularly and always wondered how they managed to get that permitted. Probably grandfathered in from the 1970s…

But after perusing Google Maps perhaps it’s a different house. The one I remember was blocks east of Coit and Spring Creek and its arrangement looks a bit different.

Cities are restricted as to what they can do about amateur radio towers. As long as your tower falls within your property line that is your height restriction. Anything else can result in lawsuits. :slight_smile:

One imagines there are other tools available to municipalities such as safety codes, insurance mandates, unusual permitting requirements, or simple petty litigation - regardless of their legality or even efficacy, such is the power of electorate disapproval.

So that’s the tower I kept picking up while DXing a while back. nice! Wonder how much its going for

Shortly after @richmeyer posted this, I sent a link out to Richardson Wireless Klub. Here is a reply:

Looks like the tower is Universal.


MODEL #12-40



80mph 12.0 Sq. Ft.
100mph 8.0 Sq. Ft.
110mph 5.5 Sq. Ft.