For Sale: 60W Laser Cutter

I am upgrading my home laser cutter (again) and need to sell my old model.

It works great, I just used it today. I’m upgrading to a larger 100W so I can cut faster.
It’s a Chinese brand Omtech.

Cutting area of 12x20.

I replaced the tube in August, probably used up half of the tube life since then. Tubes are very cheap ($150) and easy to change. I also replaced the water tubes inside. I added a honeycomb bed.

Located near Denton, about 40 minutes north of the Makerspace.

Selling it for $1000. I’d love it to go to a good home. She’s a great laser.

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Ridiculously tempting, however I’ve no room at the moment, nor in the near-term future, and many of my projects are larger than the bed size.

very tempting.
What’s the cost as far as power consumption? Also how well does it cut?

I haven’t seen any noticeable increase in my electric bill from running in ~2 hours a day.

It cuts really well on most materials. Paper, cardboard, foam, birch plywood, hardwood plywood, and even 1/4 inch plywood (very very slowly). I haven’t tried it with acrylic because the fumes concern me, but people online say it will cut just fine.

I texted you. I’m at work but might be interested.