For sale ($45 or best offer): 77 piece Craftsman tool set

Sale ends next Sunday (7/25/21). I bought this shortly before my stroke. It has never been used. A bit dusty but in good shape. All the tools are still in the plastic bags they came in. No need for private auction unless you need my contact information to come get the item. I would prefer the winner to come to my house and pick it up ( i live in Garland). Then we will use PM. Checks are accepted. It would make a good addition for the auto shop in Makerspace.

OK no takers. How about $10 or best offer? Bidding closes Sunday August 1st.

Hey @Wendy! I’ll take it for $10

OK, we’ll see if someone comes up with something better before next Sunday. Judging by the enthusiastic response you will probably get it.

I’ll buy it for $ 40 is that helps you but I won’t be around until Friday.

Being disabled, I don’t get to make her space as much as I used to. I’m hoping to talk someone to come get it give me a little extra money take it off my hands. I figured that since it was basically new in the box it had to be worth something. One thing is for sure, I’ll never be able to use it. If sears was still a viable concern, it would be worth something. Craftsman used to replace broken tools no questions asked.

I live in Garland.

Definitely take @TLAR up on his offer :slight_smile: I have a set, just couldn’t pass up $10 for a spare set :slight_smile:

I work in East Richardson (Arapaho and Plano Rd) and live in Farmers Branch about 5m from the space. Happy to transport it to @TLAR at DMS for you if that would be helpful.

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Thanks Matt !

I appreciate your offer to pick up and meet me at the Space!

@TLAR Sure thing!
@Wendy just let me know if that would be helpful, and I can pick it up after work one day next week

Sent you my contact info

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I am easily confused, @mattarmstrong will you be picking this from my house? And dropping off a check?

One of my problems with going to the space is and there is no way to put this delicately, I can only use the restroom at home. This can result in some discomfort and even be painful at times. I see no way of working around this problem. But I do enjoy my visits there a lot.

Hey @Wendy! No worries at all. @TLAR sent me his contact info. I’ll pick the tools up from your house one day after work and drop off cash. I’ll meet up with Tom another time, and he’ll pay me back.

Just let me know what day of the week works best for you, and PM me your address/contact information. Alternatively, we could meet at my work (Arapaho and Plano Rd).

If you’re in any way uncomfortable with that, let me know. I’m sure we can figure out a way to help you out where you don’t have to make a trip to the space.

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