Foil Stamping on a Kluge

Meet Arthur. I’ve asked him to teach a Kluge Class at DMS.


When is it?

“They” are saying,“in the future”

First we need to put the Kluge on the floor, then clean everything thoroughly, and convert the power to 110VAC (or await 220VAC to migrate to this part of the building).

The next parts are limited only by your imagination.

We are waiting on the 220 since it is also needed for the new screen printing flash dryer.

Intro letterpress classes on the hand operated Kelsey 5" x 8" press will be starting soon. These intro classes will be prerequisites before moving up to large motorized Kluge press. Additionally, current plans are the Kluge will only be available during pre-scheduled supervised printing studio hours intil we have a solid base of trained operators who are DMS members.

Oh, btw… The big Kluge press has been named “The Wonkinator”, and the small Kelsey is “The Gobstopper”. You’ll understand why once you hear the Kluge running under power… :grin: