Foam mats for sci fi armor on sale @HarborFreight Mar 9-11


Harbor Freight has the anti-fatigue mats that make good Halo (et al) armor on sale this weekend.

4 pack for $7. Time to stock up?


Can it be cut on the lasers?


The mats are neoprene rubber (not EVA, which is sometimes used for floor mats). Neoprene rubber cuts horribly on lasers. Neoprene rubber is NOT on the approved list due to the large amount of dust produced, the stink of the fumes, and more importantly, the sticky finish it leaves on the cut.

From an old thread here on Talk:

You can cut templates out of plywood on the laser, sandwich the foam between two templates, and cut out the form that way.


When I just checked online, harbor freight’s website says all of their mats are EVA, which I just added recently to the OK to cut list.
Neoprene wasn’t on either list - but I added it to the do not cut list. It emits Hydrogen Chloride gas, which is bad.

Neoprene is the stuff used in wetsuits.


That is awesome. Thank you both!


The description on harbor freight’s site for the mats on sale said neoprene rubber: that’s what I based my reply on.


funny… They don’t even know what it is…

I’m going to guess it is EVA though. I’ve seen the mats and it doesn’t look at all like Neoprene and Neoprene is a lot more expensive!