Flying Print Monkey Update

Well, we are well on our way to making the shop productive. Below are some names and what they are fixing to start teaching.
Astrude and Paul-They teach everything but their time is limited, as all of ours is.
Rose Smith-Scratchfoam Printmaking/Multi plate/color, Block Printing Basics.
Lisa Gabriel-LetterPress Basics
Robert Hines-Emulsion for screen printing.

All of the classes, so far, have filled up within a day of posting. That means if you are interested in a class you need to check Events on a daily basis. For any class, not just ours.
Given the limitation of how many classes we can teach and receive remuneration for we can only put so much out there. That should be changing soon.

If you are interested in being part of the Printmaking Committee let me know. We like fresh people/input to help us grow and serve our community. We also have monthly committee meetings you are welcome to join. Mostly we brainstorm and set up ideas for more classes and how to make the troop stronger. A group of monkeys is called a troop.

I personally have learned a lot from our troop. Screen printing is all I know for now but am looking forward to learning a lot of new things. The only thing we bring to our troop is fun and making stuff.

Jeff Whitcomb


Thanks Jeff for posting an update on the happenings in Printmaking. Last weekend I took a woodshop class with Mark S and although I learned a great deal, I don’t feel ready or comfortable with the machines in the woodshop. I need more one-on-one with a shop teacher who can teach me the adjustments of the machines and more overview of how they work and what they are for. I’m a complete newbie to the woodshop, but I’m really eager to learn. I eventually want to make wooden letters for the letterpress and a cabinet to hold all my personal collection of wooden letters at home. So…I’m learning stuff too. Thanks for sharing your experiences.