Flexible material to laser

I am looking for ideas to laser a Tripoley board on. I thought about plywood which could be cool but realy want to use something flexable. I was thinking maybe tooling leather but that can get pricey. The size of the board is 2’x2x.

TIA… Joseph

How flexible?

There is 2 layer flexible acrylic.

Felt, either synthetic or wool based would work. You can cut one color and glue to a base layer. Then you have a roll up mat. Perhaps other fabrics would work. Felt is nice because the laser seals the edges.

Craft foam/EVA foam…

Hmmm :thinking: what else?

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I would like to be able to roll it up or fold it.

I like the felt idea because I could cut out the different colors. and assemble it in layers as you suggested. Craft foam is an interesting format too. Where is a good place to find that? A hobby store? I would like to put my hands on some because I am not familiar.

I like the idea of leather but that can get real pricy… When I was browsing I found a 2x2 for about $85. Any ideas where I could get some leather at a better price?

Thanks for the suggestions!

EVA foam takes great details, in addition to cutting easily.

Most craft shops have paper size sheets, though hobby lobby and others are starting to carry larger ones. Check with the Cosplay folks. They use it a lot. @maxk68

Found this on Amazon:

It can lead you to more

That’s not the leather you want. Look here at this local company:

Due note most chrome treated leather does not cut well on the laser. Ask them which are laserable.

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Thaks for all the info. I need to come play. As far as the leather goes I was not thinking about cutting it but thinking of engraving or burning it instead.


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Let’s just say that chrome tanned leather doesn’t play well with the heat, regardless of the level of heat you’re using. You really want an oak-tanned, which can be dyed after cutting. Really thin stuff will be flexible.

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