First Woodshop Make & Take Class

Woodshop held its first Make & Take class last night. These classes are activity based and will cover different aspects of woodworking. Some will be simple and not require any existing woodworking experience, while others will be a bit more advanced. We hope to develop activities for every skill level.

Our first class lead by none other than @BirdMan, made what else but a bird house. Each bird house was made from a precut cedar fence picket. The attendees are just beginning their wood crafting journeys. They experienced using plans, tape measures, hammers, nails, wood glue, screws, drilling a hole, and having lots of fun.

Make & Take Class: Build a Blue-Bird House
Experience required: None
Tool Authorizations required: None
Time Budget: 2 Hours

Make sure to come out and enjoy a Make & Take class.


I taught a one-board birdhouse project years ago in wood shop and it too was fun and educational. Great job! Looks like fun.


This project looks so fun and educational. I took the Woodshop training in October, and need a refresher - This kind of project would help recall while reinforcing safety for beginner woodshop enthusiasts!

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