First Timer Needs Help

Greetings All!
I am a new Makerspace member. I am interested in learning how to use the 3D printer. I already have a 3D model made online and would like to learn how to print it. Is there anyone available to teach me?
Sam Petty

Welcome! Tagging in @Team_3D_Fab

While we’re waiting on the real 3D experts, here’s the general 3D Printing workflow:

  1. Go to, download something that looks cool to print.
  2. Take the file from Thingiverse (or whatever CAD program you made your own part in) and import that into a “Slicer” program. We use Kissslicer specifically modified for our printers at DMS, it’s terrible IMO. For your use at home, try Cura, it’s pretty easy to use.
    a. They’ll be a ton of settings in the slicer, the main thing is to make sure it understands the printer model you use, and that it knows how big your printer area and what type of filament you’ve fed into the printer. There’s all kinds of printing tecniques like rafts and supports etc, don’t worry so much about those, get to printing and when you have problems, google them and they’ll tell you why those techniques can help.
  3. Within the Slicer program, “slice” your 3D part into “G-Code” which is specific to your printer model.
  4. Import the G-Code into your printer, and hit print.
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There is also online training for the 3D printers.

See this link on our wiki.

you can get started online with Polyprinter course…

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Ok I can learn how to use the splicer through a video. But how do I operate the machine itself? Should I also find a video online or should I wait for a training day? Because if I show up now with just a roll of filament and my sd card I won’t know what to do

I just PM’d ya Ill be at makerspace tomorrow so if we can meet I will walk yu thru everything you need ot know to get your print up and running