First Tabletop Gaming SIG Meeting!

Come join us for the first official SIG meeting for all things tabletop gaming! I think this will mostly be a brainstorm session on figuring out what people are looking for. I’ve already gotten a number of excellent suggestions like SIG storage, rent-able mini’s/terrain, weekend How To classes, and some others.
If you have suggestions, or needs please join us!


That’s great. My RPG group is currently playing Mongoose Traveller and I literally received my Prusa 3D printer last night so I’d love to get some inspiration and direction on creating terrain and things.

@HankCowdog don’t suppose you could be enticed to show some of your terrain?? :wink:


What committee is the SIG going to be under?

Also, paging @AlexRhodes whose printer goes nonstop printing dungeon tiles.


I believe it was set up as committee-less. It could fall under a number of things, but since its primarily social we didn’t aim at any specific committee.

Oh okay. :+1: But if you plan on having any kind of floorspace(storage mentioned above)I believe you’ll have to be nested under a committee to get that. There might be other reasons for SIGs to live under committees but that’s the only thing I can think of.

Sounds really cool.


Ooooh ok. I wasn’t aware, thanks for the heads up!


The Captain, William and I have been wanting to make hanging storage for the common room walls.


Oooo! I might try to make this. Love board/tabletop games!


I can’t make the SIG meeting, but I did put up a tabletop gaming terrain gallery on the Wiki


I put together a first cut at a Wiki Page for the Tabletop Gaming SIG

(Edited to point at the “real” SIG page - thanks @dougemes)


Thanks so much! It looks like we had 2 pages for a few days so @mreynolds went ahead and combined the two. The original page was pretty slim, so the updated page should have everything now. I just wanted to give a heads up in case it looked different.

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Mike, any chance you could edit your post above with the original link for the sig?


I’m in. Hope I remember it!

Im deprecating the new one after i move my edits, it will redirect to the original sans the SIG on the end.

Done, and added a non-expiring link to the discord, and a link to this topic on talk. enjoy!

I can think of three reasons, but yes, I will be campaigning for the illustrious education committee to adopt the sig!


omg yessss.

i wanted to find more of the tabletop community here since i joined this summer and haven’t been able to make it to a DnD night yet.

i really want to up my DnD sessions with more miniatures and terrains. Cant wait to meet you guys!!


Definitely looking forward to next Tuesday

Giving this a bump since the meeting is tomorrow night


Thanks to everyone who joined us last night! If you missed the meeting but wanted to go, or get a lowdown of what happened @mreynolds got the meeting minutes uploaded to the wiki. Here’s a link: