First RC plane class posted

Our first class for the RC plane series is posted, Sign up now and get started in this great hobby!


Looks like the registration is closed by accident but anyone who is not resisted feel free to show up.

That is because you selected a three day cancellation deadline:

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A follow up on the Spektrum transmitter models. It looks like there are 3 with easy to confuse names. Prices are all from the flight test store

DXe 6 $99 with receiver. This is the one that uses your phone to configure. No onboard display.

DX6e $199 with receiver. This has the LCD display.

DX6 gen 3 $259 with receiver. This also has the LCD display, and I can’t find any real differentiator in the product spec. Looking at spektrum’s product page, it looks like all the models with “e” in the name are economy series. Maybe the DX6 has better gimbals for the extra $60?

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I’ll probably go by HobbyTown to fondle one after the rocket club meeting this afternoon…

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You are correct the DX6e is the “beginner” version of the DX6. I would recommend if you can stay away from the DXe, the phone connection is just another step and will just be more complicated when you are out flying. If budget is a problem the DXe will work but I would highly recommend stepping up to the DX6e . There is not a huge difference between the DX6 and the DX6e you are just getting some better build quality and some advanced features that you would not probably use for a while. I think if you are getting started I would recommend the DX6e. Let me know if that answered your question.

You wrote “rocket club meeting”…which rocket club?

I need more rocket!

That would be the Dallas Area Rocket Society,

We fly up to M class motors at our launch site near Gunter, about 20 miles north of Frisco.

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I missed this class. Any more of this?
How was the class, where did you guys fly the planes?

We did not actually build anything.

We covered principles of flight, then the Flite Test planes and the electronics to go into them.

I am hoping if we can get enough interest we can have some build and fly days.