Fine cut plasma tip



I was told to post here in regards to using the fine cut plasma cutter tip. I’ve taken the class and have been certified to use the machine. A member told me that the fine cut tip is locked in the cabinet in the metal shop, and that I should ask here in regards to using it.

Thank you



In general one should be purchasing their own consumables.

For what purpose for you want to use the committee kit?


I understand. I would like to make these. I have made several Batarangs very recently with much success. I’m cutting these out of old worn out saw blades from the woodshop. The problem I’m having with the regular tip is that there seems to be a lot of slack. I’ve tried adjusting the amps and speeds, but it doesn’t seem to help. There always seems to be a lot. It would be much quicker to deburr the edges if I could get a cleaner cut, which I think the fine cut will help with.

I would like to try out the fine cut nozzle before I decide to purchase one. Would it be okay to use for a few cuts? Once finished, I will buy my own set.




If someone from @Team_Metal_Shop can be there to pull it out, I’d like to see some detailed notes on getting the best results out of old saw blades with our new equipment.

I would, but I’m out of town until the 9th.



Borrowed a member’s fine cut tip last night. works best on Fine Cut SS at 10 Guage. minimal slack. what else can I include in notes? may even try 11 or 12 gauge (which ever is after) for zero slack, but worried it might not cut through


Was that the default SS settings in the Dynatorch cut library? If so that’s enough


yes that’s default