Final Knitting Classes before Hiatus

Hey ya’ll!

Just a heads up that I will be putting a final class or two on the calendar for January 2020 before I head on Hiatus.

For those that don’t know I am going on a “deployment” with the Reserves Jan 24-October 2020. I will be keeping my membership active- however I will NOT be able to teach any classes. In fact, getting ready for this is a big reason as to why I have not been teaching lately.

I would love if another person or two could teach in the interim. My classes have always filled up and have a solid history of walk in students. Teaching basic knitting is very simple and highly rewarding.

Most likely I will just host a knitting free-for-all event where anyone can come and learn whatever they want to learn that I can teach.

If you are interested in teaching PLEASE LET ME KNOW so I can help you with supplies and the like.

Feel free to ask any questions or share any concerns<3


Thank you for your service!


Indeed - Thank you for your service.


Fibers will continue to do knitting classes. The regular folks that can do it had held back since we didn’t want to water down your classes. But easy enough to pick back up

Note, we don’t really have a person that has a schedule to accommodate weekend knitting classes, so if anyone wants to do those have at it. There’s a demand.

Our regular knitting teachers do weekday evenings when it looks like there’s interest


From those of us who know what it means to serve in the military, thank you very much for your sacrifice and commitment to serving your country.


Thanks for your service!

Mind If I ask which branch of the military?

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I did six active and just hit three in the reserves.


A sailor!

I was active then Army reserve forever ! I enjoyed my deployments. volunteered for the first two & was voluntold for the last.

Thanks again for your service!


When I was working at Douglas Aircraft in the 80’s, there were a lot of pilots that loved to brag how they got paid to Military fly jets and helicopter on the weekends - what a great deal it was.

That is until they got their activation and deployment notices. Then it was suddenly “WTF! The cut in pay will kill me. I’ll be away from my family.” etc. Of course the rest of us who listened to their insufferable braggin’ (as only an “Aviator” can do) thanked them for being diligent in their training and keeping their skills honed. We also pointed out - if they would be lucky if deployed to combat so all their basic pay and flight pay would be tax free.

They never answered the question: What did you think you were doing all this training for?

Did my time on AD and Reserves. Thank you to all the troops that have picked up the sword and shield that others have carried and set down.

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One…okay three questions for you if you don’t mind (you’re under no obligation to answer - I am just curious).

Per the attached albeit “vintage” specimen I have in for framing - are you a card carrying member ?

May I ask what you do in the best Navy on the planet?

Without revealing any of critical operational safety / security can you share where you might be headed?

Will you be teaching knitting whilst deployed to your sailors?

Others on Talk may be interested…who knows.
I was lucky enough to go aboard the Eisenhower (with a former sailor) when it was in Norfolk anchored next the Enterprise back in 1999 when I was stationed at Ft. Eustis. Navy Ships below deck is not for tall people!!.

I am a damn dirty wog sadly as I’m a Russian linguist and most of us don’t go oconus.

I can’t (and won’t) go into too many details, but my job is way more boring than it sounds. I was on the Iwo Jima for all of a week once and that’s the extent of my sea duty sadly. I wanted to go badly, but as they say “choose your rate- choose your fate”

(And I’m not going anywhere dangerous or particularly fun. Just gonna go do my job again.)


Oh! I’ll teach knitting to anyone interested. Even the chair force can come if they are polite.



“The chair force”…has never been involved in a war that the us has won.
I was amazed that the airmenwe had as weathermen
in SFOR6 were compensated for “substandard living conditions” when deployed!

Is there any knitting classes on the books yet? Any chance there would be any during the weekday time frame?


The normal cadre of knitting teachers all have weekday jobs, unfortunately

(To whoever might be willing to teach)
If anyone could teach weekdays, or weekends, please feel free since our regular teachers are mostly available weekday evenings.

If you are interested in teaching and need help walking through the process, lemme know. Also, we are fully covered on teaching supplies (knitting needles, yarn) so no need for personal outlay.

One other thing, if a class isn’t on the books, and you can make a Tuesday night (Fiberholic Fiberfrolic on the schedule, majority of tuesdays), there’s often someone there that can do a one-on-one for things like knit, crochet, spinning, etc

The DMS Fiberarts group communicates on fb (Dallas Makerspace Fiberholics), so that a good place to ask. Talk is fine (feel free to tag me) but majority of the group isn’t on here

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