Fiebing's Pro Dye - what color is the bottle top?

I ordered some Fiebing’s Pro Dye from Amazon and … 3 of the 4 came with black tops, one came with a white top.

Heaven forbid someone accuse Amazon of trafficking in counterfeit goods but… seems a little suspect somehow. And of course it’s the one color of the 4 I was really wanting to test.

Were they all the same size? When I get Fiebings, the smaller sizes usually have a black cap and the larger sizes have a white cap.

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Yes they were all the 4 oz size. Three with black tops, one with white.

It’s plausible with all the various shortages of late, that they had to switch to white caps because the black ones were out. That being said I have only every gotten them with black caps. I would think counterfeiting leather dye wouldn’t be very profitable, but I’m not a criminal so I don’t know.


Ding ding ding we have a winner!

I emailed Fiebing’s last night, expecting it to maybe take a few days for them to get back to me, but I just got this email:

Normally we use black tops for Pro Dye but recently we have used some white tops due to delays in the supply chain … "

edit… which reminds me, I need to go check on how my dye tests from last night are drying.


Some Fiebing’s dyes do come with a white lid. This pic is from the Fiebing’s web site.

If you’re very concerned, you could try the Fiebing’s Support form, or call them directly and express your concerns:

phone-icon(+1) 800-558-1033

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