Fiberglass repair

anybody do automotive fiberglass repair? willing
to teach a newby??

Paging Joe King aka @worldcloud

He does boat fiberglass.

What evening do you want to work on it? What’s the project? I have matte, cloth, resins and can tell you what’s the difference.

I can help you with your project, or I may repost my intro to Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber class.


i have a first generation chevy blazer. i bought a damaged top (fiberglass) for it with hopes of cutting it
down into a half top (kind of the same as a pickup cab but open n the rear) this has been done before and theres pictures available. im handy with metal and wood and sheet rock etc just never worked fiberglass. i included a couple links if you
want to see what im looking to do.

im free most evening so whenever youre available will probably work. pls let me know if this is
something youd want to mess with. thx tim


intro to fiberglass and carbon fiber sounds like something i would be very interested in.


inwould too…i didnt see a class on the calendar…dont know how often they come up

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This type of fiberglass is pretty simple. Most of the pics are ‘cut and repair’ as opposed to ‘cut, reshape, and make it look factory’.

What’s does Tuesday evening look like for you?

Like everything body related, prep is everything…

Tuesdays good…shoot for 1800 (6pm) ?

i would invite other people who
want to learn fiberglass basics being part of
my project if thats ok with you

what specifically do i need to do/bring. the
top is strapped to my pickup. thx tim

I’d dig seeing this as a class.

Can you help me out with a fiber glass project? Trying to build a solar car for a high school program and this is what we are going for:

Let’s chat… what type of resin? Molds? Foam core? Budget?