FiberFrolic: rising from the inertia

I have submitted a calendar request for the Bowling Table in Creative Arts on Tuesday, July 20 from 7-9.

Best guess, the last fiberfrolic was about 15-16 months ago. We lost at least two regulars during the early days of the pandemic, most notably our fearless leader, Jeannie Harwell. But I feel she would be giving us the heavenly stink-eye if we didn’t get off our collective asses and start getting together again.

So… break out those knitting needles, drop spindles, inkle looms or what have you, and c”mon down.

@noblegoblin, @classielassie, @bookpixie


I wish you all good luck and I wish I could be with you but until I can get more Transportation I just can’t get to the space as much as I would like to but thanks for getting it started Jenny would want

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Bump – this is tonight! I’m planning on hanging out in the lobby until 7:15 to direct non-members.


Thanks so much! It was lots of fun to see everyone and fiber together again!


So… We should probably discuss how often we want to try to do this.

I think we should stick with the Tuesday evening timeline, since that was the habit before the earth stood still. (but feel free to disagree.)

Do we want to do once a month?
Twice a month - say, first and third Tuesday?
I can’t commit to weekly, but if the majority does, we can trade off on “hosting” duty, since it’s just a matter of being responsible for any non-members who choose to attend.


I was thinking once a month? Although bi-weekly could be a thing, too.

These are fun, could host too if needed.

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I can’t help with the fiber part of it but I’m willing to host a Tuesday every month to help out with any non-members who attend. :slight_smile:


I don’t know that the fiber part is critically important-although definitely the catalyst. It’s more about camaraderie. Heck, @mreynolds and @GTHolkan came to Quiltpocalypse a few times, but neither wielded a sewing machine. They were painting miniatures. But at the bowling table, it kinda has to be handwork of some sort.


I have posted an event for August 3. Should be making calendar soon.