Fiber Frolic? Still happening?

I noticed FF is not on the calendar. Are we still having it tomorrow? I was going to bring some friends!

There was a post recently about it, but I don’t remember what day they said it was going to be on. I believe it was @classielassie (I could be wrong)?

Edit: It was @jrkriehn here:

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That’s for the 20th, tomorrow is the 27th. I don’t see any resolution on how often it will be held but I’m also willing to host one Tuesday a month! It would be easier to spread that out.


Yeah. We haven’t put another one on yet. @jrkiehn put up a post about timing, but I was the only one who responded (I think), and I said monthly.

Do you want to put one up for next week and I’ll put one up for 2 weeks past that?

When I get back I’m happy to help put these on Meetup and be there to help with any non-members who show up.

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I posted one for August 3.
(Next Tuesday)

@noblegoblin -no reason for you to not host an informal edition tonight (7/27). You might check the calendar to be sure “creative arts studio” isn’t reserved. And if you know a calendar admin, they might be able to make you an official listing, albeit last minute. I can’t help, as I’m in a workshop at UTD most of the week.

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I’m a little late seeing this but no worries! I’ll host at my house tonight. If anyone wants to come they are welcome!! @Julie-Harris @dryad2b @BarkingChicken

edit looks like Denise wants to host sooo next time I host I’ll let yall know!

I’ll look at dates in August and see when I’m available to host. The first Tuesday of the month my group has been going to knit night at the guild.

Thank ya’ll!