FerroFluid Toy classes

new classes on Ferrofluids now on the calendar


I love this stuff! I had a tube of it in liquid, like in the photo above, sitting at my desk in 1992 when I worked in Japan. A client gave it to me (Ferrofluidics Corporation; now Ferrotec). I used to play with it regularly.

This stuff is used for seals and lubrication, but I always thought it would be cool if it could be used to create reconfigurable circuitry by bridging wires, thereby essentially creating a liquid switch. Heck, I don’t even know if it’s electrically conductive, but I guess everything is if you use enough voltage.

Can my grandkids take this class accompanied by me? Age guidelines?
(Side note also how about the birdfeeder class?)
Thank you!

sure you can bring them…

We’re super excited! Fun!

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