Felder Dust Collector In Use

As of about 2 PM today, the Felder was working. It still needs the silencer installed … hopefully tomorrow. Currently hooked up to the East end tools previously serviced by the DC in the corner by the log rack. Speaking of the log rack … it was moved to were the Felder used to be.

Work party planned for 9:30 AM Thursday to make additional hook-ups in hopes of eliminating the need for the DC by the Laguna band saw and the Multicam DC. Expectation is that the temp install will be at least as good as the previous set of systems and be quieter as well. Time will tell.

Many, many thanks to Rich Meyer @richmeyer for finding a way to address the access to 30A of 3 phase power without having to spend serious money for the temporary installation and to Art @artg_dms who was drafted to assist with the wiring. Also kudos to Kevin Criswell for hunting down the 5/8" air hose and fittings needed. Likewise to Paul LaChance @prl2018 for assembling folk to help Thursday morning.

Hoping we have something noteworthy to point out on the Thursday evening tours!


Nice! How does emptying the Felder dust bin work, can it be lifted to dumpster with 2 people?

Collection bins have large plastic bags. Probably a 2 person job to lift and empty a full bag.
Bags are reusable and care is needed to make them last.


This is some really great news! I love it.
Do we think some instructional videos are needed with a RFID is needed to explain emptying and any other features?

Some info distribution would to be a good idea.
How and what is best left to the Chair and VC
paging @Mrksls2. @shoottx

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Good job everyone!

For those who aren’t familiar, it looks like you can see it in the camera view.


Am I blind? I can’t see it, I think the Jet air filter is blocking the view?

Glad to hear it’s in use!

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Yeh, you’re right - it’s mostly obscured by the Jet.

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Please don’t forget to thank Mark Salas @Mrksls2 as he moved the beast in place all by himself yesterday morning. He’s the prime reason our woodshop has become so fantastic. He and Mike Jury are devoted to making the DMS woodshop top notch! Thank you Mark and Mike @shoottx.


Thank you both @Mrksls2 and @shoottx for your dedication to the woodshop. And thanks again @bertberaht for making the Multicam so much nicer to use.


I can teach you. I have been trained.

Bert, thanks for leading this effort. My thanks also go out to Paul, Jeff, Jimmie, Mark and Mike.

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Also to Dan Wolf, Ryan (Unknown last name), and Bobby.


And Michael @michaelb, Andy @Andy, and to anyone else who lent a hand but whose name we are collectively too darn tired to remember!