Feeding the dumpster with Baltic birch

In the midst of shop cleanup and I have way too much Baltic (Russian) birch ply cut-off stashed here, there and yonder. Doing the hard thing and making myself throw a bunch of it away.

If anyone wants … let me know ASAP and plan to pick up no later than Sunday, 1/9/22.

Shop is near Six Flags.

What is the range of sizes you are tossing? Like full sheets or small pieces

Now that made me laugh out loud! Full disclosure: Raised by a depression era dad who saved everything. Married to a woman who says I did not fall far enough from the tree!

These are mostly 12 & 15.9 mm cutoffs. The minimum is probably 2" x 18" and would go up to at least a square foot or more in area. Some are 3-5 foot long. They come from sheets not unlike this pic of 5x5 carcasses.


The material has been saved from the dumpster.