February 2019 Machine Shop Committee Meeting 2-23


Hey everyone, The Machine Shop Committee meeting is this Saturday at 5pm. I almost forgot my wife reminded me when I folder her about the Swap meet.

Come to discuss our committee items. What you would like to see.


Collet block + new 5c collet set would be useful


Whilst I agree we need a more complete 5c set, which kind of collet block are you thinking of considering we have some 5c blocks already?


We have collet blocks? https://www.amazon.com/5C-CB-5C-Collet-Block-Set/dp/B0007Q1Q50

Either way, I agree our 5C collet collection is lacking. Then again, Im used to having a full(I think?) set by 64ths, which is probably overkill for us…


yeah at least one set I use that’s in the chest next to the HAAS. I think another one has been put around in the cabinet behind the bridgeport.


Yeah that’s what I was thinking of, just a normal square collet block, I must have overlooked them previously, are they in the green cabinet?


Additionally we have a 5c indexer. I forget how many ratios there are in it.