February 2019 Kiln News


Bisque was unloaded this morning.


Glaze unloaded at 6pm


Helped unload bisque, come pick up all your pretties!


Took some photos of the bisque shelves because they are full! Exciting news though - glaze load just went in too and should be ready sometime Tuesday! So the glaze shelf is looking a little lonely right now.


Glad to see somebody poured the Menorah mold!


Glaze unloaded tonight


Oh how nice! Someone almost has the start of a hare’s fur -esque glaze going on with that red plate! Iron for the win.


Bisque unloaded. Bisque shelf is at full capacity! :blush:


Can someone kindly push the cup that is hanging off the edge back please!!! Right below the effective immediately sign. Thanks


In which direction?


Push it in so it doesn’t fall off shelf. It’s my baby!!!


Oh my gosh! Did someone get that before it fell?


Yes, someone was awesome and pushed it in! Steve also picked ours up on the way home from work. :slight_smile:


Brenda moved it to a safe location for you.


Awesome!!! Thanks Brenda!!!


Has the glaze gone in? If not does anyone know when it will? Just trying to keep things moving off the shelves ASAP because of our limited space. Thank you!


Glaze is in right now


All bisqueware that has not been picked up as of today has been moved to the top shelf. When you pick up your pieces, please return the green stars to the glass container. All pieces with green stars will be disposed of on 3/26/2019.


Thank you! I’m willing to help in any way you need, just let me know.


Glaze unloaded today