Fashion Classes

I’m interested in learning how to create different types of clothes and would really appreciate it if someone can tell me when Serena is going to start teaching her fashion design classes again. Thank you.


Paging @Aneres


I have classes up next weekend, June 29 and 30th and the following weekend.

If you go to the calendar and select sewing on the category tap, you will see all the sewing and fashion related classes.



@jrkriehn @Aneres I’m so sorry I’m just getting the chance to respond. Thank you so much. I’m going to come this weekend. Is it ok if I’m not a member?

If the calendar registration process allows you to register for the class, membership is not required. But you do need to register.

If you haven’t already, go to the calendar system

You also need to make sure to stop at one of the tablets in the lobby to sign off on the waiver before heading to class.

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Most of my basic classes are open to nonmembers.

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Are there any prerequisites for these classes?

Not for the 101 classes. The class description will tell you what class you will need for the more advanced classes.

Is there any way I could join you guys even though the class is full? I am not experienced with sewing but I really want to start and stop procrastinating.

I didn’t know how far in advance I should’ve registered and I’m really sorry about that.