Facebook sewing group

Who’s the admin on that one? I noticed today that there are 2 requests for membership in the group.

Not I.
I suspect Jeanne was

Ughhhhh, possibly I am?? I don’t know I was able to add people into the requests. I don’t THINK I made it…possibly I was put on as a co-admin as I put Jeanne in as a co on all the groups I made.
What a party.

So what is this sewing group called on Facebook? I don’t think I’m on it and would like to be a member. :thinking:

Sew & sews

Doing a search on Facebook doesn’t seem to bring it up. Can you post a link to the group here?

But… as noted in beths original post, we don’t know who the admins are, so being approved as a member could be problematic.

I just requested to join. It says 2 people joined in the last week, so someone is doing it. If you’re already a member, you should be able to see who the admins are. :thinking:

I tried that. No indication showed that I could find.

Well, as it turns out, there are NO admins at the moment. And there was a lonnnggggg list of requests to join. But it said I could become an admin. So I did. And approved you, Jennifer. I’ll add a few more stitchy souls to the admin list as well.


Thanks! Interesting Facebook let the group continue without an admin. :thinking: At least now we know and we’ll have multiple admins! :hugs:

I found it interesting that I could just sign myself up. But I guess since I was already in the group, they assumed I wasn’t nefarious.

I’ve invited @dryad2b to be a fellow admin, and invited a slew of people to be moderators (forgot there was a difference between moderator and admin. Caught the error before Beth. Guess I can upgrade others if they agree to moderator status.)