Fabric Stores in Texas

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Finally got my sewing room set up and went out to find anything resembling a “good” fabric store in Dallas and can find nothing. I assume pandemic? Does anyone know of a fashion or couture apparel fabric store anywhere in the metroplex that carries a better inventory than Joanne’s? Kay’s in on Arapaho in Richardson used to be my favorite before it closed. :frowning:


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There is a Street in North Dallas off of Harry Hines just south of Walnut Hill called purse it there are several fabric stores there I haven’t been there in years since since I have a lot of fabric of my own and that area was actually hit by the tornado year or so ago but I’ve heard that several places summer open Saturday morning but it’s definitely I don’t know what all types of fabricate to the stores have you’ll just

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Thanks Cairenn- The fabric store whose name I cannot currently remember is the one that shut down shortly after it was hit pretty hard by the tornado. I had just discovered it and was like WOW! Then it was gone. There are other fabric stores in the area but they mostly carry very cheap fashion fabrics, not high end apparel quality. Anyone want to build a loom?


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The American Sewing Guild’s Plano Chapter has a DFW fabric and fiber shopping map on their website:


It may be a bit outdated. I think a couple of volunteers are currently working on an update.


Richard Brooks would probably be the only possible higher end source. I think they are in the design district.

There -was- a cool little place in DeepEllum, but I don’t know if they ever reopened. Fabrique, near the Plano outpost for Central Market was my “go to”, but they closed up shop about a year ago.

You might check out Sew It Up Bernina in Hurst. They don’t have a lot of fashion fabric, since their customer base is more into quilts and accessories like tote bags. But Lorraine started the business as The Grapevine Collection - with luscious heirloom sewing fabrics (batiste, linen, etc.)

Some quilt stores have small selections of rayon and/or linen. But I’d call before going to ask.

I think most of the fashion fabric business is now online. Mood, Fabrics.com, etc. unfortunate, since touching the fabric is the fun part, but as the guy that owned SuperTextiles once told me, the wholesale sources for fabric in the US have all but disappeared, as manufacturing has been outsourced to Asia.


The store you’re thinking about was golden day or I will definitely check out the places on Perth because I’m going to guess that one of them may maybe may have some of the fabric that golden Deloreans to have I don’t know I really hated to hear that they had closed

Fabrique was awesome that is a real shame it closed.


It’s never a good sign when searching a name on Google gets you a link to what you want
but when you click, it redirects you to a…um…different site, with a different focus (so it ain’t like someone “acquired” the business and is using the name to sell cheapoh versions of the same sort of item):

If you type the URL (http://richardbrooksfabrics.com) into the address bar, it works fine:

Using the 2nd link on Google works fine, too:
but you have to page down to it.
duckduckgo.com is at least more honest in their search returns:

Just to clarify (speech-to-text nearly got that right!), that was Golden D’Or (clever little pun, that…). Family used to love going there, but with the problems of barely clinging to life and the Tornado of '19, I think they are probably done in for good…

Yes, Golden D’Or closed abruptly (not even notifying employees) after the tornado. The owners of Mr. Sewing Machine had a challenge getting his merchandise out and moved to their sister store, Urban Spools, in Casa Linda.

Wherehouse Fabrics, on Perth, acquired the remaining stock from Golden D’Or, and have been selling it off from their repaired (and enlarged) location on Perth. Mr. Sewing Machine is also now housed in the building- with more space, as well as access to classroom space.


Golden Dior is what I remember now, and yeah… I had just discovered them and then they closed. I haven’t found a comparable venue yet.

I checked out Wherehouse fabrics. They have a large selection of mostly upholstery and decorative fabric.

Here’s a thought. Does the Creative Arts Committee have access to or have possession of a collection of sample swatches? Fabric.com charges $3.00 a sample swatch, which is pricey.

Its a disgrace that in a city the size of Dallas there isn’t One really nice fabric store. Makes me want to open one. But my warehouse stash is strictly vintage and antique fabrics. A lot of dress fabrics and upholstery from the 1930’s to 1970’s. A lot of cottons, a lot of Mod, some velvets. Really I don’t remember everything I’ve got, other than if I’ve got it- its really cool. Also 1920’s/1930’s beaded trim, and probably Victorian fabric in there too.

I am going to be selling a ton of it in my (living) Estate Sale. Like a TON. So if anyone has any interest, don’t be shy about contacting me.

Not that I’ve ever seen. Although, I’m not clear on why one would want a swatch of something when one isn’t sure where they could obtain said fabric?

I have a Ton of swatches of fabric. They were the swatches sent to the stores to show customers.

I think most of the swatches are cotton and a lot are the different colorways the fabric came in.

Feel free to contact me if interested.

Neither the committee (nor the Sewing SIG) have a big box of money to spend on swatches that would only be current for a season or for a particular dye-lot of a fabric.

If you haven’t tried it before now, an option you could scope out is to visit some of the sari stores. A sari is something like 7 yards of fabric, and for special occasions are made of silks and other sumptuous fabrics. Obviously you probably couldn’t be purchasing half-yards, but you couldn’t really do that at Golden D’Or. For that matter, they wouldn’t cut you the amount of yardage you wanted if doing so left less than two yards remaining on the bolt.

You also might look a little closer at upholstery fabrics. Sometimes, you find gorgeous dupioni silks, chiffons, lightweight linens. Yeah, you have to tromp past a lot of heavy brocades or tapestry weaves, but the jewels sometimes magically appear.

I did not peruse the entire Wherehouse store the time I went inside (I was specifically visiting Mr Sewing Machine on DMS business), but before the tornado, he had two stores; one was special occasion fabrics, and one was (as you’ve noted) the upholstery and drapery stuff. There may be a nook separate from the home goods fabric that has garment stuff that you didn’t notice.

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I’ve been thinking that I should look and see if there’s another Zero Landfill event scheduled anytime soon. They are very random, but there are all sorts of samples, typically. Mind you, the book I got was all Sunbrella, but there’s a chance of anything.

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I haven’t seen one in a long time they move from where they were out by the airport to a place here in Oak Cliff and I

So it’s not in Dallas, but being from Oklahoma I do travel sometimes. A lot of my friends like this shop called the OKC Fabric Market (you can find them on Facebook). If you travel up that way you might check them out!


I love OKC Fabric Market (also if you are in OKC the Bernina of OKC has some fashion fabric in stock)

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