Fabric rolls $1 - $2 for full rolls

So. That auction? I won the Big Lot. I have lots and lots of fabric. This was a defunct drapery place. Much of this is “black-out” fabric – heavy polyester knit, printed on one side and white on the other. A couple of sheers. A few wovens. Send me a pm, and we can coordinate meeting at my storage unit.


what type of materials beth?

Most heavy polyester knit. A few others. The polyester is “black-out fabric” for curtains.

Any idea roughly how much could be on a “full roll”?

I am interested… but I don’t have a project for it so would probably just end up in my storage unit :smiley:

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Well, I was trying to google it, and it’s both too generic and too specific. 10 yards or more. A standard bolt is 10 yds, but rolls are kind of a different thing. Most of these are cut rolls, anywhere from 1 to 8 or 9.


I have a project that requires about 13 yards, so it sounds like that’s a bit beyond possible.

For the blackout stuff (which seems to be polyester triple-knit), I’ve got some duplicates.

I feel your pain (from the leather sale last year) :smiley:


I would be interested in some of it for sure. Don’t let me forget to bring it up next time I’m up at the space with you :slight_smile:

-Chris V

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I’ve been wanting to learn how to sew and make some really basic throw pillows and maybe even curtains (since you mentioned black-out material)

I’d be interested in looking at the fabric!

I would be interested in anything that looks like old speaker cloth. Have an antique radio that needs restoration.

That thin black, kinda canvas looking stuff? I’ll look for that. I don’t recall, but we were tossing rolls in a bit of a rush.

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You don’t happen to have any cotton/canvas left? I’ve finally got a project for it

I’m not sure. The majority of what I got was the black-out fabric, which is 100% polyester. I lost the auction for the humongous roll of cotton. Give the weather a chance to warm up, and I’ll go check the storage building. I need to do that anyway.

Yeah no worries I wasn’t expecting anything until the weather clears

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