Fabric recommendation for dog neck pillow cones

I’m making neck pillows for dog cones [look like the inflatable ones], and I’m looking for suggestions of fabrics that will be sturdy and not fray when washed.

I made myself a lovely bag from some cotton material, even lined it, and it frayed apart the first time I used it. I’d like that not to happen to these pillows.

Old jeans.

I’m still trying to hunt down Luna’s collar for you still, its somewhere…

That’s excellent. I was just thinking I wished my last bag held up like the jeans one I’ve abused so much.

I’d also experiment with a not-worn-out t-shirt and a serger. You could make a tube (not curved) but with the stuffing, it would flex pretty nicely.

Making an actual donut shape, auto-headliner material would be nice as well. It’s fuzzy on one side and closed-cell foam on the other. Colors are boring at Joann - black, grey, maybe a brown - but then the inflatable donuts are boring colors too. (at least Sasha’s was…)

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