Fabric Missing?

Another member and I were considering teaching some sewing classes. Beth showed us several boxes of fabric that contained several bolts of cotton fabric (cute prints, like lipstick, cosmetics, etc.) that she said we could use. I went to the sewing room yesterday and none of the bolts or fabric was there.

Has anyone seen them or know where they may have been placed? We’re talking about 15 bolts. Thanks!

They found a good home already. There’s a bolt of the coral and white stripe left.

Stuff like that usually isn’t there forever, it’s free to use. In the future if you wanna make use of something like that for a class, go ahead and grab it. I do have one of those bolts I am happy to give you use of for your class if you like. I’ll be down there tomorrow afternoon/evening and can leave it somewhere for you.

I’d recommend that it go in the cabinet in the Sewing area with a note on it.

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I know you said it was already taken, but all 15 bolts? That was just a month or so ago. I guess I’m confused. My understanding was that these free donations were for use in Makerspace classes. Are these donated items just given away to members? Is this posted somewhere, like talk, to see who is interested so there could be a fairer way of giving away these items?

Alternatively, If someone has donated items to the space for members to teach classes and such, why are we just giving these things away? If it’s not something the space has room for or that no classes are planned it’s seems like they could be sold as a great price to members. This would be a win-win situation. The member gets an item for a great price and the department has monies to purchase items for classes that are being taught or that are planned to be taught without having such a big impact on the budget.

Hannah, that would be great. I appreciate you furnishing the bolt. Sasha and I were talking about the sewing class idea just today. We have both been out of town in the past few weeks. We had talked with Beth about the fabric and how pretty it was,

Thanks again for letting us have the “cute” fabric. Well start discussing and coordinating our schedule to have the class. We’ll make a sample of the project for the class.

Donations – first, that fellow didn’t wait for anyone to officially accept the fabric – he just dumped it in the Sewing Room, before I could tell him that I’d prefer that it went to the Member Exchange Shelf. It’s not the donor’s will that prevails – the Committee Chair has to accept the donation. Thus, I was pleased that it wasn’t in my area anymore. I looked at the Sewing category, and that was donated back in July. That’s been a bit more than a month.

I still have the canvases that were purchased for painting classes. Since those were purchased, they’re locked in the CA Teachers’ Cabinet.

The month or so ago I mentioned was when Sasha and I saw and discussed the fabric with you after the Creative Arts Committee meeting we attended.

Can you msg me on who that person was? Maybe he has other donations that might be beneficial for starting up more sewing classes.

You said he dumped them there. Your phrasing is interesting. It’s not like it was junk. These were really nice cotton fabrics with cute designs that could be used for quilting and other sewing classes. DMS seems to be adding more classes every week and I think Creative Arts should be part of this revival.



Regarding the canvases. That’s great. Sasha and I were talking about which classes we would teach for that. Prior to the holidays I think acrylic pouring would be fun and easy. We just need to see what condition the acrylic paints are in at the space.

In defense of Beth and every other Chair: Having been chair of several committees, including CA, there are number of reasons that any items to be “Donated” to DMS must be acknowledged as accepted by the Chair, who is acting as an agent on behalf of DMS:

  • First: Our rules and policies expressly state and require it.
    • Legally, DMS needs to formally accept donations for it to become become DMS property. How DMS disposes of it becomes a “ritualized process” to ensure non-profit compliance Gods (IRS) don’t smite us. If we don’t formally accept, it doesn’t belong to DMS.
  • Not all donations are needed, wanted, or useful to a committee.
  • SPACE, SPACE, SPACE. We never have enough of it. We can only keep so much.
  • Makers are inherently hoarders, it’s a constant struggle.

The Freebie Shelf used be referred to as the Donation Shelf - but that implied that the items belonged to DMS so we couldn’t just let people grab what they wanted. Everything on the Freebie shelf is merely a temporary exchange point for hoarders IMO (based on personal experience).

You’ll notice many members will post on Talk a donation they think a committee would like. If so chairs speak up. If someone sees something they’d like to have the committee get, contact the chair. If a committee doesn’t want it, they announce it is up for grabs and people queue up to get it. After that the donor can put it on the Freebie Shelf or put it curbside.


Hey Photomancer,

Thanks so much for the clarification and background. That was really helpful. I appreciate you taking the time to educate me on the process on donations.

[quote=“Photomancer, post:10, topic:85328”]
Makers are inherently hoarders, it’s a constant struggle.

I had to laugh at this sentence. It is definitely me.


At the time the offering was extended, I was the only sewing teacher, and I knew I didn’t have a need for that much fabric. I can’t think of the last time (if ever) that there were quilting classes. I can speculate about why we haven’t had any of the quilting enthusiasts volunteer classes, but that’s another long post.

If you’d like his info, it’s the “Material Donation” post in the Sewing category – a clickable link under the Creative Arts category. Although, having just re-read said post, the odds of him having anything related to sewing is very very small. He “found it in a closet”. So, it either originally belonged to a roommate or a girlfriend. He didn’t designate any purpose for the fabric. He specifically said that it was “free for all”.

I do believe that it’s been substantially longer than 1 month, or even 2 months since the fabric was in the Sewing room. Granted, that’s a matter of my memory of “it came in in July, and I think went out to people in less than a month”, and your conviction that it was somewhat over a month since you saw the fabric originally. Although, there have been at least 2 monthly “Beth holds a CA meeting and nobody shows” meetings since the one where several people showed up.

I’m glad that you thought those patterns were cute. They do appeal to a limited group of people, and that’s not even all women. But then, unless it’s cats, I just don’t do cute.

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Hey Beth,
That is helpful. I’ll check out the links.

I am compiling the info for posting the Acrylic Pouring class. When I come up tomorrow for the DL, I will check the acrylic paint stock and make sure we have everything. What time do you usually get to the space. I am doing a volunteer thing for Feed the Children tomorrow from 1 - 4 p.m. but I could come up before or after that.

Sasha said you picked up the 8x10 canvases, but I was thinking 6x6 or 8x8 would allow participants to make 2 pieces. Sasha and I talked earlier today. I will be out of town starting Saturday for almost a week and T-giving is the following week, so I was thinking of posting the class for Dec. 1. I think Sasha is also planning on also doing a class the first part of December.

I want to make a prototype of the cosmetic bag or tote for the sewing class before posting that one.

So you are a cat person. I didn’t think I was but I’ve been watching so many YouTube videos on some adorable cats and kittens. My grandmother had a black one, but she lived in another state.

Thanks again.

I usually get here around 1pm, so after that would be the best. I should be here most all day. If I’m not in the Common Room, then I may be back in Ceramics.

I’m betting that most of the paints are dry and need replacing. It’s probably best if I pick up canvases. That way the participants only pay one supply payment that will be included in the class. 6x6? We can chat about the # of participants tomorrow.