F360 and Multicam?

(Rather than derail the original thread … )

Speaking of which … If I were to design something in Fusion 360, assuming I can figure out how to CAM it … what post would I use to machine it on the Multicam?

And I’ll necro @Tres0422 thread from 2019 … does anyone have a F3670 tool crib set up for the Multicam?

I have messed with grbl and often you want to know certain specification of cnc controler. limit switches. etc.

  1. I would like to get the actual model number of the multicam. After this to see if we can get a good idea how to querying the system.(So i am looking for model number and how to query, but i am needing the approval of wood shop to actually proceed. just no touchie investigation. Not electrically operating the machine.) I would hope that if we turn this over to the autocad fusion 360 forum we can get a good post processor. ??? are we using mach system with multicam? because i pretty much only use the pendant to run the machine.

  2. I would like to get the as much information on the end mills that we have to make a dallas makerspace fusion 360 library for your self or who ever is teaching. this list i would believe will be initial and need to be checked.

Gcode on wiki. Can we turn on and off some of these codes? (if so what is the state of the firmware of the mulitcam we have?)(recompiling marlin controller you can turn on and off certain codes for debug features.)

Is this any help john? I have the parametric modeling book for fusion 360 but my makerspace subscription is run out. so i am trying run through freecad to use my grbl machine at home. So i need the same information for my post processor for freecad.


That Thomas guy may have a multicam tool crib and a f360 post processor……that he unapologetically stole from a suspender-wearing idol-level instructor.

Chris, I’ve been working a ton, but I can likely carve out some time for you.


Thanks! I’m not in any hurry … Don’t have any urgent projects lined up.

That Thomas guy? suspender wearing idol-level instuctor?
An instructor may have a multicam tool crib… we had a tool crib in vcarve and post processor for the mulitcam. I am i bit confused. when i googled mulitcam all i got was the 3000 series that had a post processor produced for fusion 360. You can see that i am referencing the old version of the gcode options. but i don’t know how to directly turn this into a post processor. As of a tool crib. i have to get the datasheets for the tools. I was able to make a tool crib in fusion 360. i believe the it just data entry of the end mill spec. for a down cut how many flute and what the diameter does the down cut have. the jump server has g code wizard.

I’ve been modeling using Solidworks and using HSMWorks for my CAM. HSMWorks is an Autodesk Product that uses the same postprocessors as F360. I wasn’t a member of the makerspace before the MultiCAM was out of commission, so it will be awhile before I can get on it, but I’d love any tips from y’all find out about it.