Exporting faces of an object?

Is there a way to take a 3D model and export the faces as flat SVG type files for laser cutting instead of having to stack slices?

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this sounds like something that pepekura would be perfect for

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What is pepekura? Lol I’m super new and messing with fusion in my SkillShare time

Ive not used it in five years, but we USED to have a license at the DMS back at Ladybird. @Hardsuit would be your best bet to ask, I think he has a personal license.

Pepakura is great for paper modeling, foam core model construction, card board, basically planar design (think ps1, not ps4 graphics)

You might want to look at MeshMixer. I believe it can do that and its free.

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I’ll check them both out. I am rather surprised Autodesk didn’t put it in the silcer since they already have folded paper as an option but eh.