Expelled years ago would like to rejoin

Was expelled years ago for violating the borrowing of an item for use off-site bylaw. The violation was not intentional and the item was returned without argument. Am I able to reapply or do I have tk go before a committee or the board?


Email [email protected] with your full name and we will let you know.

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Not intentional?! You were told not to take the items off-site by the chair of auto, you did so anyway. The tools were only returned after DMS filed a police report some six weeks later.



That is actually not what happened thanks. I removed a jack, notified a person I thought The time was in a position. To allow it. I had also at the time asked to use an engine lift and that is when I was told we could not take things off-site. I was never ever contacted by the auto chair I was contacted by the board chairman at which time i was also told I was expelled. At no time did I attempt to keep ant items and stayed in contact the entire time. I agree I had the items longer than I should have because at the time I lives in ft worth and had no form of transportation. I did keep all of the email exchanges so there isn’t confusion. Also I took a car jack offsite, of which there were several at the space and at no time did I try to conceal that I had it. Not that it was his responsibility but had I been told at the time that I took it off-site I wouldbt have. I understand that at the time the space was sensitive to theft as another member had stolen several items and sold them online. My situation was nothing like that and at no time dis I intend to defraud or profit Thank you for the incediary public and inaccurate response though. The conversation could have been saved for a less of a megaphone and more of a talk in a committee. Also charges were filed before I was contacted and both Carrollton and dallas county dismissed the charges.

As an addendum, I took the jack offsite on or around 7/20. I was first notified by Alex Rhodes then chairman on 8/3 that I was being expelled and that charges had been filed. I was told I had till 8/5 to contest tbe ruling. I was in contact with him frequently and returned the items on 8/14 having been delayed by car problems. The 8/3 conversation was the first contact u had with any leadership of the space. I notice that in the minutes of the meeting all that is said is " Deal with Thieving Member

Problem: A member stole tools and eventually returned them.

Solution: Discipline the appropriate party

If you’re getting your 6 week time period from the date of 8/28 when you held the meeting, it’s inaccurate. I felt that it should have been handled with a ‘member broke bylaws by taking tool off-site. They were returned albeit later than requested. Member was at no time attempting to take possession of items and attempted to notify a member with authority to allow it. He will be out on a suspension and made aware of the specifics of the bylaws’

Resolved via pm

If you don’t want a public response then do not put it on Talk. A PM or message to [email protected] would have been more appropriate. BTW, I was on the board at the time you were banned so I do remember the issue fairly accuratly.

The question has been resolved. And I get that you were in the board but the situation was not represented accurately when it can up. It’s my own fault for not being there to defend myself but I had already taken the jack and sockets off-site notifying stan that was doing so. After that is when the discussion about borrowing rhe engine lift was brought up and that’s when I became aware of I being against bylaws. By then I was in ft worth and without transportation.


From what you are essentially saying is that because you failed to read the rules and bylaws and “didn’t know” that for some off reason the Makerspace doesn’t let members take home whatever tools and equipment they want on a whim - you should be able to rejoin and everything should be ok?


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It wasnt on a whim. The bylaws at that time sais he approval of a board member or senior member I can’t remember is needed to use the tool offsite I notified a person I has thought was such a person but was not, which is my mistake, i even asked what size socket I would need. I was not told otherwise so i took it offsite and later had the discussion about the other tool. At the Time I actually thought I WAS following the bylaws. I didn’t go and try to sell the parts ffs. There was no intention of deceit or theft. As a side note the auto Dept also had numerous jacks and sockets at that time and at the time the bylaws also said no tool could be taken off-site that would deprive another member of making use of that type of tool. The bylaws were very ambiguous in some parts. so yes I do think I should be allowed to be a member again. Andrew, you dropped something. I am engaging, well educated and highly skilled. I share my knowledge, I clean up after myself and I put things back when I am done. I have a willingness to teach to volunteer and I frequently would add my spare or leftover comments to the electrical supplies. Also my taste in music is top notch and I’m funny as hell if you pay attention. And I don’t respond to resolved threads on a whim. That’s a 4chan sort of personality trait.

I’d drop the mic now but it’s a fairly over played meme at this point unless your like Barack Obama or killer Mike from run the jewels. Besides somebody will have to just pick up after you

Can we consider this a closed issue now ordo wr need to compare the size of our soldering irons some more?

According to the minutes linked to by @Lampy, the expulsion was for 12 months back in August of 2016.

Given that it is now 2020, Is there a reason why this person should not be allowed to rejoin?

I say; Double Secret Probation and 10 Hail Marys. Flagellation and public shaming, the stocks in the Pillar of Solace, and the serving of a Pot-Luck-Dinner, at the time of our choosing.

Seriously? With the level of forgetfulness in this place, (people leave stuff out and behind all the time). Someone taking some cheap stuff off-site to do a chore and then forgetting about it; my neighbors do it all the time. They are still my neighbors.

My nuclear soldering iron is HUGE, and galactically powerful.

Don’t push it.

The equation changes somewhat when there a potentially close to 2,000 neighbors vying for the use of the tools.

The real issue here is whether the OP should be allowed to rejoin. I see no reason why not: his 12 month expulsion expired in 2017.


Can we welcome the prodigal son? I can.


Russell I’m still mad at you over the hoverboard incident

Your suspension officially expired on 8/28/2017.

Welcome back!

The items you took were gone for weeks. The damage was already done because the items had to be replaced so others could utilize them. You think you did no harm which simply isn’t true. The ban was for good reason but it has since expired so you may rejoin.